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Claremont Heritage, a non-profit organization, was formed in 1976 by citizens of Claremont to carry out a mission to advance, preserve and celebrate the historic architectural, natural and cultural resources of our community through collaboration, education and advocacy.

The impetus for the formation of the group was the demolition of a number of significant buildings in Claremont. The original Claremont Library, a Marston and Maybury gem that Helen Renwick supplied the land and financed; the Red Line ticket depot, considered by many to be the most beautiful station in the Red Line system; The Claremont Inn, a beautiful Craftsman structure that was a true interface between Town & Gown; A number of significant homes were also demolished to make way for other development.

Claremont Heritage has helped to save the College Heights Packing House, a symbol of our long and prosperous years as a center of the citrus industry, as well as, the historic Santa Fe Train Depot, the Old School House, the Padua Theatre and other buildings that have a significant past. All were threatened at one time or another. Our offices and archives are located in the Historic Garner House, a 1926 Spanish Colonial Revival home important in our town’s history, and are currently working to restore it to its original glory.

Claremont Heritage maintains an archive of Claremont related artifacts including photographs, ephemera, artwork, objects, maps and plans. We collect, catalog and preserve historic materials to make them available to researchers who visit the Heritage or through our publicly accessed digital library. We work with homeowners, advising on historic preservation, the Mills Act and also with developers and City Planners in an ongoing process to protect our heritage while advancing economic development that will keep our Community progressing into the future.

Claremont Heritage provides educational programs such as film series, symposia and tours that help inform community members about the wonderful resources that we have. We offer a third grade history program available to local schools that fulfills a California State mandated requirement, and collaborate with other community groups as we strive to preserve Claremont's unique sense of place and cultural heritage for future generations to experience. Our goal is to celebrate and honor the past in order to inspire the future, and play an active part a community that will be as amazing tomorrow as it is today.

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Claremont Heritage advances, preserves and celebrates the historic architectural, natural and cultural resources of the community through education, advocacy and collaboration.


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