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Betty Davenport Ford

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2013 Gala: Party at the Piazza
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2012 Gala: Party at the Piazza

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2014 Gala - Le Jardin des Arts
2014 Award Recipients
June 14, 2014 - Revelle House, Scripps Cllege
Claremont Heritage bestows two awards annually to recognize the individuals and organizations that have helped make Claremont the special place that it is. Here are our 2014 recipients:

Betty Davenport Ford
2014 Recipient: The Cultural Heritage Award

The Cultural Heritage Award celebrates individuals and organizations whose work demonstrates outstanding contributions to the cultural heritage of the City of Claremont and beyond. Claremont’s history is not only embodied in its built environment but also in the people who have contributed to its cultural character through creative or artistic expression. Past awardees include: Marguerite & Harrison McIntosh, Karl Benjamin, Folk Music Center and Paul Darrow.

Pictured from left: Cathy Ford, Betty Davenport Ford;
David Shearer, Executive Director; John Neiuber, President
A professional sculptor, teacher and author, Betty Davenport Ford was born in Upland in 1924, and grew up in the Pomona Valley. She received her BA degree in 1946 from Scripps College, where she took sculpture classes from Albert Stewart, ceramics with William Manker, and architecture from Theodore Criley.  Betty graduated with five academic honors.  Betty received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy in Michigan in 1950.

During Ford’s early years she discovered the beauty of the animal form, a fascination that thematically reoccurred in her sculptures throughout her professional career.  It was through the study of the form and anatomy of these creatures that Ford gained the ability to capture not only the likeness of her animal subjects, but their essence as well.  Her commissions are in varied media – stoneware clay, fiberglass, bronze, welded steel, cast concrete and wood. 

Betty’s outstanding contribution to the art world spans well over half a century.  The 2014 Cultural Heritage Award goes to sculptor Betty Davenport Ford for her contribution to the artistic and cultural heritage of our community. 

Scripps College
2014 Recipient: The Bess Garner Historic Award

The Bess Garner Historic Preservation Award celebrates the best in preservation by recognizing individuals and organizations whose contributions demonstrate excellence in historic preservation in the City of Claremont. Claremont’s history is embodied in buildings, structures, sites and objects that provide a tangible link to the people, events and patterns that have shaped Claremont’s growth and development.

Accepting on behalf of
Scripps College -
Pictured from left:
Denise Nelson Nash
James Manifold

Scripps College, an architectural masterpiece, was originally designed by Gordon Kaufmann, a world-renowned architect from Los Angeles, who designed, among others, the Los Angeles Times Building and Hoover Dam. He was responsible for the general plan of the campus, for the four residence halls, the library, the Memorial Garden, and the Art Building. Sumner Hunt of Los Angeles was the architect chosen by Mr. And Mrs. Balch for Balch Hall and Edward Huntsman-Trout of Hollywood was landscape architect for the entire campus. The Scripps Campus was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984. Scripps leadership has taken great care in ensuring that its buildings are preserved and honored by ensuring that renovations and improvements adhere to the Secretary of the Interior Standards and that new construction is in keeping with the design and aesthetic of the original campus

The recipient of the Bess Garner Historic Preservation Award for 2014 is Scripps College for outstanding stewardship of its historic campus.

Collage from Le Jardin des Arts Gala