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Claremont Heritage 31st Annual
Sunday, October 13, 2013 . 10:00am-4:00pm
in the hills above Claremont

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HOME TOUR: 2013 tour featured six homes in the hillside community of Claraboya, located in the foothills of the Angeles National Forest and adjacent to the Claremont Wilderness Park.

The development was originally master-planned in the early 1960’s by Claremont’s own Criley / McDowell Architects and features an amazing assortment of custom built view homes that represent modern architecture at its best.

The featured home on the tour was the “Concrete House” by Fred McDowell which was awarded the 1964 Horizon Home Award by the Portland Cement Association. Utilizing pre-cast concrete elements that were brought to the narrow hillside site by helicopter; the home has survived several significant fires that destroyed a number of nearby homes.

A total of six homes were on the tour and tour check-in was at the historic Garner House in Memorial Park where there will be an accompanying exhibition in the Ginger Elliott Exhibition Center featuring mid-century architecture as well as furnishings and decorative arts by local architects and artists. View map to Garner House.

Known as the “City of Tree’s and PhD’s”, Claremont embodies an almost utopian environment that is a wonderful mix of small town atmosphere combined with academic and cultural attributes. It could almost be the perfectly designed set for Father Knows Best or Leave it to Beaver. But in fact, Claremont could very well be one of the best hidden secrets in the annuls of modernism. The period that was recognized as the mid-century, post-war explosion of all things cool and modern, and Southern California offered a fertile testing ground for many of the architects, artists and craftspeople that have now defined it as a movement. Claremont has its own special interpretation of Modernism with the confluence of art and architecture that was prolific in the community.

Claremont Heritage is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All proceeds from the 2013 Home Tour will help support our mission of preserving and celebrating Claremont’s history and architectural heritage through advocacy, education and research.
For more information on Claremont Heritage and the 2013 Home Tour please call (909) 621-0848. email: